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India is the fastest growing economy in the world; however, it has the lowest financial literacy. Bharti Share Market Institute is pioneer in Share market and Investment Education providing financial literacy to the masses. We have robust framework to deliver quality financial and investment education.

We have educated more than 50000 people through seminars and classroom programs. From one room startup in 2009 it has grown to 11 branches in 9 different cities in the state of Maharashtra.

Company plans to expand its footprint across India in next 5 years through its branches and franchise route.


Vision: To provide financial literacy to every individual in India through our brand within five years by setting up branches and franchise at different locations.

Mission: To ensure 100% proper utilization of dead assets through financial literacy with strategic use of financial planning and asset allocation, we are committed to establish India as a leading country as an economic and financial super power in the whole world.

Methodical Teaching

The foundation of success in investing is knowledge of the fundamentals. We teach you fundamentals. We train you to analyze yourself. We make you understand how to identify buy/sell signals.

It’s All About Teaching You To Invest

In our classes, our endeavor is to make you a better investor or trader. We do not aspire or push you to buy or make use of expensive "add on" services, newsletters or proprietary stock picking systems. We deal with the quality teaching.

Tips And Secrets

We also share knowledge regarding Quality Shares, Stock Tips & Intraday Tips. All these tips are free of cost and there are no charges. It will definitely help you to increase your income.

Flexible Class Timings

Our experts help you 24/7 with any share market questions or problems. We provide flexible training timings. You can choose practical sessions to suit your schedule.

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India’s financial market are poised to grow exponentially in next few decades and Bharti Share Market Institute would like every Indian to reap the benefits of this growth story. Therefore we are committed to provide financial literacy to every individual by providing quality education in share market.


  • Total support from franchisor – We provide complete support to the franchise in order to ensure operational efficiency leading to sustained profits.

  • Zero gestation period – There is zero gestation period. Operations can start in one month resulting in revenue generation.

  • Low Initial Investment and low cash flow requirements – There is zero gestation period. Operations can start in one month resulting in revenue generation.

  • Brand well established in the state of Maharashtra and is set to take – off for the rest of country.

USP of our product

  • One of its type to provide financial education along with investment opportunity under one roof.

  • Customized easy to understand course content.

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